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Wingsters ‘Living the Dream’

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4 Nov

Wingsters ‘Living the Dream’

Moving to Dubai: In 2009, I moved to Dubai, the move was a natural transition as I was already familiar with the region due to my coverage of it in my finance career. I love this place and see it as a true land of opportunities. I immediately settled down and started researching restaurants to visit and was dining in a new place every day, from fine dining in a 5 star hotel down to the most humble of experiences sitting on plastic chairs on a pavement enjoying street food. I followed the great taste of food, no matter where it took me or the environment it put me in.  Luckily for me all my friends also enjoyed food and took on the adventure of finding new spots to try. Soon I was known as the restaurant critique amongst my friends, they would call me to ask where they should take their parents, partners or group of friends and I would recommend a few places and suggest what they should order.

Over a year ago I met a diverse group of wonderful people who name themselves the Foodies, they all share the same love and passion for food, dining and trying out new places. I got to share many of my experiences and ideas with them. They all agreed that I should open my own restaurant.

The top 10 favorite ‘Foodies’ restaurants in Dubai: (In no particular order)


–       Mezza House

–       Miyabi Sushi & Bento

–       JW Steakhouse

–       Istanbul Flower

–       Benjarong

–       Cabrito Mendi Restaurant

–       Zuma

–       Certo

–       Ravi’s

–       The Farm at Al Barari


What are your favorite restaurants?

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