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Featured: Alpha Magazine – Glutton for Punishment

17 May

Featured: Alpha Magazine – Glutton for Punishment

At Wingsters, a restaurant specialising in (you guessed it) wings, it is all about having a good time and getting involved while taking the Initiation Challenge. “I wanted to create a challenge that mixed fun and fear,” says Ahmed Hassan, founder of Wingsters. “It creates a nice buzz when a group of friends come and cheer the contestant on, plus it generates loads of positive awareness for the restaurant.” Urging participants to tackle eight super-spicy wings in four minutes (with a five-minute after burn), the diner has seen more than 750 people take the challenge, with just 39 completing it. One of which was a mother, with her new-born baby in tow, You need to be a ravenous carnivore with a huge stomach to take on the American Burger Challenge at 82 American Diner. I was halfway through the fourth wing when the glands in my neck started to burn, my lip began to swell and my fingers tingled. The impact from the heat was like a slap in the face. Much to the astonishment of her husband and brother. But this is what it’s all about: testing your mettle and having a whole load of fun in the meantime.

Reference: Alpha Magazine, December 2015, Page 76-79

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