Welcome to the Wingsters Blog, this is my first attempt at writing a blog and I’m doing so to showcase to all of you food lovers and die hard foodies my new restaurant in Dubai named Wingsters, so here it goes.

My background:

My name is Ahmed Hassan, Iraqi in origin, grew up in London, UK, and now living in Dubai for the past 4 years. For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about food and cooking. It started at an early age when I used to spend time with my mother in the kitchen and watch her cook. I would annoy her with my thousand questions of what did you add here? What did you put there? Why did you use this spice/herb? And how did it come out like that? To the extent that in order to save her sanity from my questions she got me involved in cooking the dishes so that I would learn the process from A-Z.

I used to watch cooking programs and loved the life of the traveling chef’s, going from continent to continent, country to country and cooking dishes with local produce in amazing settings with incredible views. I knew from then that I wanted to become a chef and have my own restaurants, however it didn’t go down very well when I announced that to my parents, and so they encouraged me to follow a more serious profession and one that came with greater social status, like a doctor or engineer, both of which I had no interest in whatsoever. So I decided to follow a business and finance path instead as I believed I had a flair for it and knew that it would help me out in the future with starting up a restaurant.

I was truly put to the test when I started university and lived on campus, now I had to fend for myself and put to use what I learnt from my mother. This is when I flourished, I started experimenting with spices and cooking dishes out of my comfort zone and cultural norm, I started picking up cooking tips from my friends, their mothers and wives. I’ve been cooking and hosting ever since and have learnt so much from different people I’ve met and places I’ve visited.

What are your early cooking experiences? How has this skill or passion developed for you?

I would love to hear about it