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The Initiation

If you wanna become a boss, be recognized as the Godfather of the town and have your picture up on the mobster wall of fame, step up and take the initiation.

The Rules

Contestants will need to eat 8 suicidally spicy wings in 4 minutes and then endure a 5-minute afterburn. During the challenge the following rules must be adhered to:

Winners will be decided by the Wingsters Restaurant owner and/or Manager. Wingsters management reserve the right to disqualify any contestant that does not adhere to the rules stated above and in the waiver form.

The winner will have their picture placed on the Mobster hall of fame and on www.wingstersuae.com and most of all win all bragging rights!

  1. Wingsters ‘The Initiation’ accident waiver form and T&C must be read and signed before the challenge
  2. Contestants must eat the meat directly off the bone
  3. Contestants must fully finish each wing before they start the next
  4. Contestants will not be allowed to consume any form of liquid
  5. Contestants are not allowed to wipe their face/mouth with napkins or any form of clothing
  6. Contestants are not allowed a toilet break during the challenge
  7. Contestants are not allowed to get any assistance from friends/family
  8. Contestants must finish all the wings in the 4 minutes before the start of afterburn

The Suicidal Wings

One of the hottest wings in the world

“If you do decide to head to Wingsters, we highly recommend practically everything else on the menu (all of which is delicious). However, we recommend that you steer clear of The Initiation challenge. Unless you were born without tastebuds, or have some serious, serious willpower.”

– Jack Rogers, Whats On

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