The four shows over the 2 days entailed 8 contestants each show taking on 10 levels of increasing spice to determine the winner through an elimination or knock out basis, the last man/woman standing would be crowned winner of the challenge.

The initial levels started with modest spiciness with the first 3 levels showcasing sauces available at our restaurant, namely the Al Capone, Godfather and The Hitman sauces.  We then raised the bar and it became more fun when the contestants where made to eat full red chilies, take shots of pure Habanero sauce and then endure the ridiculous spice levels of peppers such as the ghost pepper which ranks at over 1 million points on the Scoville scale.

Well done to the winners and also those who took part, it was a great event, we all had tremendous amounts of fun (probably not so much for the contestants) and the crowd got a great show. Thank you to Dubai Food Carnival and to all who came and showed their support including Wingsters friends that came to assist.

We hope to see you soon at more shows and events, if you came to the show let us know what you thought.