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Wingsters ‘Say Hello To My Little Wings’

20 Feb

Wingsters ‘Say Hello To My Little Wings’

One of my favorite things to eat, both growing up in London and when I moved to Dubai, are Buffalo wings or chicken wings, as they are commonly known. I remember on many occasions there would be a late night dash to the chicken shop in London for a late meal of wings before heading home after a night out. Even on a few visits back to London my friend’s would pick me up from the airport and take me directly to have chicken wings before I go home to the family. We used to joke about having our own chicken wings place.

Well the joke has now turned into a reality, after being disappointed with the quality of the Buffalo wings on offer at some restaurants here in Dubai, and there not being a restaurant dedicated to this lovely cuisine dare I say. I decided to open my very own restaurant specializing in Buffalo wings, named Wingsters, with a large variety of flavors for all to come and enjoy.

Wingsters; is the first Buffalo wings specialist restaurant in Dubai. The theme behind Wingsters and also what influenced the name is the early 20th Century American gangster and mafia culture, encompassing prominent personalities such as Al Capone, Pablo Escobar and John Dillinger, as well as the well know character Don Corleone in the famous movie The GodFather. This theme is showcased within the restaurant. The reason I chose this theme is because everyone can relate to it, growing up many of you must have seen a few of the mafia movies that came out such as The Godfather and Goodfellas. I wanted to bring back people’s childhood memories and make them think of a few of the famous lines in these movies “Say hello to my little friend” being one of the popular ones.

What to expect:

The Wingsters team takes pride in providing fresh, high quality and amazingly tasty food that is prepared daily and to a high standard. The wide range of sauces on our Buffalo wings, our build your own burgers, milkshakes, waffles and crepes will ensure your cravings are well and truly satisfied. We are sure you will enjoy the themed and vibrant atmosphere too. Our staff will do their best to ensure your experience is a memorable one.

Follow the Wingsters blog:

We hope you continue to follow this blog for great cooking tips, the launch of new Buffalo wing sauces, great deals and updates on participants who dare to take on Wingsters’ ‘The Initiation’ wings challenge. Stay tuned in for more.

Please also share with us what your favorite wing sauces are?

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